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April 18, 2014, 01:25:46 PM *
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Draik is an amazing kid that has the hearts of our members here at ETB. Chasing his dream of racing this year he has stepped up to the Ninja250 and is starting out this season pulling off some amazing podium Finishes. Given we are no business with cash flow and just a member supported group. We do what we can to help Draik further his dreams. Keep up with his race season on our track addicts board. His Father Kurt (R6boater) keeps us up to date with his current races and achievements. And also some really sweet Go-Pro footage. Also make plans to attend our swap meet/fundraiser Sunday May 5th. Any help with this event would be greatly appreciated. Check out the thread in upcoming events. Here is one of his latest videos....
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xx PAULRIDES, Apr 17 - Burnsville, NC (HWY 197 & Backroads main Destination)
Today at 09:33:36 AM by PAULRIDES
Views: 11 | Comments: 3

BY THE WAY - Bridge on Hwy 25W/70 from Hot Springs to Newport is COMPLETE. I had heard it was open and there were no detour signs seen. I took the detour route going east, thinking I would use the bridge coming back once I knew it was open. We ended up going around it coming home when we did Paint Creek to Hwy 107.

I think DGRR (DG Road Ride). :-)  Folks missed a good'un.
Hwy 197 was main destination (4 miles of gravel, well packed and fairly smooth - I was so glad we did not have to turn back for the Big Bike Guys). :-) It is a beautiful ride even the gravel part of it.  We did a break at the store in Pensacola, NC (An Old Grocery - Now Arts & Crafts and Upholstery Shop).

Jackie called his wife and said. "Be home tomorrow as I thought this was a day ride and we ended up in Pensacola."  :-) He actually did not tell her that, but he thought about it.  

The other main destination was a favorite backroad from Burnsville to near Mars Hill, and going around Mars Hil on SW side. The trip around Mars Hill included an unintended loop. I took fork to the left instead of to the right and instead of turning back we just continued on the loop.  (the road was neat and GPS had rerouted a loop back to the turn)  

I realized we were ahead of schedule at hot Springs, so I suggested we do the 4 mile gravel road along French Broad River to Paint Creek Campground Road, then Hwy 107 back to Hwy 25W/70. The gravel section was packed, but a good number of Pot Holes on parts of it. Plus, we were stopped at a safety  check point by 3 rangers. (weird)

They checked Driver License and sent us on our way. I think they did not go further because an INNOCENT LOOKING  SCOOTER was along -- had it been all Big Bike Guys, they might have performed a Body Cavity Search (Especially on the Harley Rider). :-)

From Newport, we did Bogard, Wilholt to Jones Cove, then into Pigeon Forge. Stopped by Harley Dealer at closing time. Jackie had split when we reached PF, Dan and I split after a break at Harley.

Met Jackie early at EXXON (8AM instead of 8:15AM) and we decided to burn a Krystal BKF coupon instead of going to Burger King for BKF. I figured Dan would not be there until near 9:30AM. Turned out Dan went to Burger King early to meet us for BKF. He had a bite to eat and called wondering if he was at the wrong Burger King. Anyway we hooked up at 9AM and hit the road. I was home at about 6:45PM. 264 Miles RT from my house  

Over all, a beautiful ride day (37F when I left home, low 40s when we hooked up with Dan at 9AM at Burger King, saw 50s then dropped to 48F near Hot Springs, and ended the day at 71F).

Main Attractions Hwy 197 First Post and First Reply. Hwy 197(one of the best rides around including the 4 miles of gravel) to Burnsville thru Pensacola, NC

Reply 3 is a favorite backroad rotue from Burnsville to Mars Hill area and a bypass abckroad around SW part of Mars Hill. 

Reply 4 is roads (early morning started at 7:50 with Fog View from Fain hill)  from my house to Hwy 197.

xx Anyone got $166K I could borrow? (or have?)
Today at 09:26:12 AM by 8Ball
Views: 32 | Comments: 2

I need to get a new track bike!!!

xx Coupon for a free Harbor Freight meter
Yesterday at 07:32:57 PM by Chris
Views: 50 | Comments: 6

For What it's Worth Department:

Click on the link below for a coupon that's supposed to be good for a free multimeter at Harbor Freight stores and no purchase needed.  It doesn't look like much of a meter but for the price (free!) it can't be all bad.  I'm back in Germany so I can't stop by the HF store to see if they have any so good luck to anybody who tries it out.  Let me know if it works.


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