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East Tennessee Bikers
October 24, 2014, 02:45:04 AM *
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Draik is an amazing kid that has the hearts of our members here at ETB. Chasing his dream of racing this year he has stepped up to the Ninja250 and is starting out this season pulling off some amazing podium Finishes. Given we are no business with cash flow and just a member supported group. We do what we can to help Draik further his dreams. Keep up with his race season on our track addicts board. His Father Kurt (R6boater) keeps us up to date with his current races and achievements. And also some really sweet Go-Pro footage. Also make plans to attend our swap meet/fundraiser Sunday May 5th. Any help with this event would be greatly appreciated. Check out the thread in upcoming events. Here is one of his latest videos....
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xx PAULRIDES, Oct 23 - Tremont,Cades Cove Cross, Rich Mtn, E&W Homestead, Bluff
Yesterday at 10:20:27 PM by PAULRIDES
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Dick showed up in my driveway about 9:20AM dressed for winter  Roll Eyes (I think only about 42 or 45F - not bad).
We left for Townsend via usual route west (Wye Rd, etc.) and then Hwy 73 into the National Park. Took a run up Tremont Rd (3 miles of gravel) to the bridge (horse or people bridge) for a break. A fellow there new the history of that place -- it was a temporary logging town (box car homes unloaded and set up for workers homes, had a PO, the metal foundation almost in the water at end of the bridge on up stream side was a setup for generator for electricity, the bridge was a RR Trestle for logging trains. I walked up river a bit for a picture (ask Dick about that :-)). Anyway, a good picture.
Then we headed for Cades Cove Loop to get to the Cross Over, a two way gravel road that we rode both ways - 4 miles gravel total and offers some of the best views in Cades Cove (best part is not much tourist traffic on it). Then back on the loop we went to Rich Mtn Road and rode it (one way 5 miles of gravel - good condition, but there are a few BIG POT HOLES). Ended up Hwy 321, asked Dick of he wanted to head home or go to Townsend and then Homestead Mtn. He was game for that, so we stopped in Townsend for Dick a Subway while I had snacks I brought with me.
We rode the East Homestead Mtn First as Dick had never been there. Came back out of East Homestead (it dead ends), then continued to E Miller Cove via Long Rifle Road (runs thru Homestead and I call it Homestead Mtn). BY THE WAY -- The slide area has not been repaired. However, the road was narrowed and extended away from the slide and a guard rail set up (see picture).
Dick split for home at Goose Gap Rd and I went to Harley in PF to kill time. A one in 10 million chance (Small World), I met a couple (riding Honda Ruckus 250 cc Scooters). Struck up a conversation and found out they knew Jim/Karen (WI Folks) and Dave Bond. They all stay at same RV Resort on FL during most of the winter. Really --- A one in 10 million chance of meeting.   
I mentioned Bluff Mtn to them (pointed to it from Harley) and discussed how to get there. They were interested in doing it - so, I took them up Bluff Mtn by way of the Summit and back down Bluff Mtn Road to Goose Gap. The  stopped by their motor home for a picture of them, some coffee, and a short BS Session. I goy home late at 6:30PM, Betty pulled in the driveway at the same time. 
Note Townsend - not much leaf color.

Then Tremont Road (Paved with 3 miles of gravel at end) to the Horse/People Bridge and trip into the woods.

Back out to the road to Cades Cove (tunnel and traffic Jam -- would you guess a Bear and Tourists do not mix). Rangers trying to move folks on, but gawkers are gawkers. 

Then the two way gravel road (Cross Over Rd). We rode to the cabin (paved and turned around. 

xx my ol' buddy in the cove
Yesterday at 12:09:38 AM by skeeter
Views: 40 | Comments: 5

went to the cove today & didn't see the first deer. but we seen a bear . he was right passed the mill up the gravel at the first creek. i would have got alotta better pics , but got invanded by alot of tourons. bear just walked off . leafs ain't turned yet . mtn. pics from top of the world. oh i did see a doe deer on yount rd here in karns at about 9 this morning . she was on the side of this little road & gonna jump out in the road , so i just gave the mustang alittle gas & she just hopped away. load pipes ,saves lifes . ha ha

xx PAULRIDES, Oct 21 -- Short Mtn Ride (Plenty around here-this Spur to Ober)
October 21, 2014, 09:01:27 PM by PAULRIDES
Views: 34 | Comments: 4

MTN ROADS and you do not have to go far to find one around here. (some color -- not to great at higher elevation, Ober Area)
Amazing thing is - I have never done this one before. Runs between the Spur and Ober in MTNS just north of Gatlinburg. Dan mentioned it the other day as a route to Ober when I was heading there for the Oct Fest with the WI folks. I did not do it then because I was not sure how steep, curvy, etc. it was, had concern to take them and Betty on it as first trip.
I have been saying for sometime there should be some good Mtn Roads in that area and NEVER took the TIME to check it out. SO - I left home about 1PM and was just riding, got on the Spur and happen to think about that road.  Roll Eyes Fun Trip.
I went higher than Ober, then back down to Ski Mtn Road and up to Ober.  
Pulled off in a driveway to take a picture of one switchback. Several on this road.
Go down awhile and then back up.Then a road that goes up above Ober (one view shows the ski slope at Ober).  

Ober Ski Slope below picture with a part of a rail. Not too many places for views from the road. There was a building here (some sort of apartment with a parking area in front) that had a No Trespassing Sign. I pulled up to this rail for a view and took a picture. Guy stuck his head out of a door (couple doors down) as I was leaving.  

Coming back down that same road after I reached a dead end (some decent color) and two view areas (over hosue roofs).

Later, I intersected Ski Mtn Rd and decided to ride up to Ober Parking Lot. No charge for MCs to park (cars are $5).  This picture from Parking Lot shows houses up where I was riding. Several picturwes from there 9one shows the hosues in area I was at before looking down on Ober). Tram on way down just after leaving the station and a two picture panorama.

Final -- Harvest Fest display on Old knoxville Hwy.


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